Construction & Drone

A drone is not just for fun or education anymore.
It is a core technology that will lead the advancement of various industries.

Drone technology is grabbing the attention of industrial sites where timely spatial data acquisition and data collection are necessary.

Total Addressable Market by Industry / Function

Among various fields applying drones,
“construction” is nowadays the most promising.

Drone can help you collecting images, digitalizing of information.
It means it can be a key to solve many unresolved problems of the construction industry.

On the construction field, Drone is alrady growing rapidly because of the high application with other fields, high potential that make the industry digitalzied.

So, the drone in the construction site is the key that can bring the future of the contruction site, innovation, smart construction.
It will lead the smart construction era.

세계 주요 스마트 건설기술 시장 연간 성장률

Start of smart construction

Drone data platform is the start of the smart construction.

The drone is at the center of 3D digitization.
The “3D digitalization” of the site through data
collected by a drone is the start of smart construction.

modelling image 1
modelling image 2
modelling image 3
solution image

Carta can solve a problem of inefficient communication, the major cause of low productivity in construction field.
By utilizing Carta drone-data platform, you can solve the problem and promote better communication.

Carta platform

Anyone can share and check the same data of the site with any device, anywhere, at anytime through the cloud system.

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Now, use a drone in the field
easily, promptly, and safely
with the CARTA drone platform.

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